Getting YOUR Price

How to Get the Price You Want … And Need!

When considering to sell your home, setting an accurate asking price, is one of the most important decisions to make.

Depending on how a buyer is made aware of your home, price is usually the first thing they see. Many prospective buyers discard a home for not being in the appropriate price range even before they have a showing.

Pricing Your Home

Your asking price is often considered your home’s “First Impression.” If you want to gain the most money for your home, making a good first impression is critical.

This task is easier said then done and the pricing strategy should not be taken lightly.

Make an Informed Decision

Pricing too high can be just as costly for the home owner as pricing too low.

Researching your local market value, is just a small process and on its own, it isn’t nearly enough to make an informed decision.

10 years of industry research has been used to compile a recent study that led to a new special report called “Pricing your home: how to get the price you want (and need).”

This FREE report will help you understand pricing strategy from three different angels. This in-depth report will not only help you sell your home but sell for the price you want.

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