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Buying or Selling in Halton Region?

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Have questions about buying or selling your home? Feeling overwhelmed by the entire process? Before you jump into something you may not be prepared for, there is one resource that will alleviate any stress and will answer all your questions! A brand new book has been released to give you insider knowledge of the buying and selling process – do not buy or sell your property until you read it!

The book is structured into three easy to understand sections to match the three most important parts of the real estate process: selling, buying, and financing.

For the selling transaction, you’ll be guided through understanding the reasons for wanting to sell, choosing the right team for you, putting your home on the market, and navigating the offer and the home inspection.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the buying process. This book will help you analyze your needs and wants, identify the right realtor, lawyer, and other team members, check your affordability and choose your lender.

Finally, and arguably the most important, is financing. This step by step manual will take you through mortgages, equity, credit and debt ratios, closing costs and procedures, and clearly explain them in everyday understandable terms.

This book is loaded with tips and solid information for the Home Buyer or Seller. The glossary at the end is especially useful for translating the complex legal jargon into clear language you can understand.

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